Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Fisheye Reincarnated

I found my old, cheap, screw on fisheye lens a la the streets of New York. I decided to try it out with my digital camera since the last time I used it I was still shooting strictly film. It works and IT'S FUN! A little color is lost, but can be added back with Photoshop. I'll definitely be incorporating the fisheye into more shots!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Seeing Amber via Skype

Being able to see and talk to Amber on Skype a few days ago made my day and lessened the huge Amber void. It really is amazing that I can talk to my friend in Peru via the internet for free. I am part of the technological age and it still amazes me. I was so excited, I decided to take some portraits of Amber during our convo. In photo two you get a bonus because you can see Megan in the background. Photo 4 features Amber hard at work, speaking in very rapid spanish, of course. She surprised me with some monkey antics before signing off (photo 5)...not so surprising. I miss you!