Thursday, March 27, 2008

Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II

These are a few photos from the orphanage where I stay in Peru with my friend, Amber. It is a beautiful, thriving oasis between the dirty, slums of Lurin, Peru (photo 5). They take great care in maintaining the grounds, the buildings and the kids. It is a wonderful place for the children who are fortunate enough to be in this place. They receive a safe shelter, an education, a functioning family environment and access to building their faith. It was started by Father Joe (photo 2) who passed on in 2006. It is being run by Father Sebastian (photo 1&4) and my friend, Amber. To see Casa Hogar, send a donation or sponsor a child, go to

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kids/Babies in the hospital

Annie and I visited other wards in the hospital to hand out blankets and stuffed animals that kids from her school had donated. We visited the premies, the burn unit, the pre-op unit, and the terminal illness unit. It was difficult to see some of these children because they were in pain or had been abandoned. However, most of them were happy and excited to receive goodies!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Medical Mission 2008-Lima, Peru

I returned to Peru for the fourth year in a row to photograph the Sharing Resources Worldwide Medical Mission. This year we were at the Children's Hospital in Lima. We had one doctor operating on eyes (strabismus) and an ENT who worked mostly on repairing perforated eardrums and mastoidectomies. The surgeries went well and 49 kids were operated on successfully!