Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Willy Build-Habitat

Matilda was kind enough to include Jay and me in participating in the dedication of this years Habitat HPUMC Willie Build house (www.williebuild.com). The whole experience was special; Willie's family was there, the Solis family receiving the house was precious and the volunteers poured out in pink shirts to show their support. I was honored to be able to snap a few photos of this event. Not only did Habitat and HPUMC volunteers build this house, some of them also painted the church across the street. It was such a neat group of people!

Owen is One!

This is Owen and these are his one-year-old photos! I've been taking a lot of one year shots recently and I love it! Owen's mom and I met at Lakeside Park to document his first year of life. I think the photoshoot was not as exciting for him as trying to speed crawl into the river. He kept us on our toes!

Owen's defining features are his pretty red hair that constantly sticks up in the back (precious) and his tongue curling trick. Both are what make him so irresistible...and his chunky arms and legs too! I loved photographing Owen, I hope his family likes his photos!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Oh yeah, I also have to share this photo. Luke wanted me to make sure I took a photo of him making this face, he even requested to see it right after I took it so he could approve. He liked it.

Abbie is One!

Abbie is one-year-old and she still doesn't have much hair! She was pretty entertaining during her indoor shoot and she was totally distracted by her three brothers...but that's how it is in this house. With four kids constant movement is expected. Once we moved them outside to get all four in a photo, it got interesting. I wish I could post all the photos I took in order to capture a few with all four kids semi-smiling to smiling because they are hilarious! See photo 4 four an example of how most photos look (left) and the rare all smiling at once (right) that becomes the photo you love forever. What a hoot!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Another Mouse in the House...

I was able to photograph a sweet little girl...finally! She's one month old and belongs to two die hard Disney lovers. They actually met while working at The Disney Store during college. They have Disney everywhere you turn in their house, I was lucky enough to get a full tour. It's amazing! To fit with their love of Disney their baby announcement will have "Another Mouse in the House" theme. They even had a Mickey hat with Deanna's name on it, talk about prepared!

The Impossible, Possible Project

This is a project my grandfather gave me recently. He said "I've never seen a full rainbow at the ranch, this is probably the only one I'll see in my life. Is it possible for you to put these two photos together to make one complete rainbow photo?" I thought..."hmmm, not sure, that might be impossible, but possible." I began my project and soon ran into one major problem, Grandpa didn't take photos of the complete rainbow. If I stuck them together they formed an odd shape so I had to improvise and add a little in the middle and to the top too. Here are the orginial photos and the completed masterpiece!