Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Father Mac's 'A'Wake Party

When Jenny asked me to photograph her husband's grandfathers awake party, my first reaction was, "what, you want me to photograph a wake?" She laughed her Jenny laugh and explained that he wanted to have a party BEFORE he dies with all the people who would most likely show up for his funeral. That way he can enjoy their company and friendship now rather than after he's gone. It's not morbid at all, I promise, he's got a great sense of humor! He was an episcopal pastor for years and years and has touched hundreds, maybe thousands, of lives. His backyard party was VERY well attended and I understood why after being there a couple of hours. Father Mac is personable, loving and really funny! I felt blessed to be there listening to why and how people knew him, he is special to so many people. What a great idea to enjoy your friends at your A Wake party!

Will You Marry Me?

Gene called me a month ago to reserve me for Sunday June 22. He was surprising his girlfriend, Jessica, of 5 years with a proposal in Texas Stadium and he wanted it photographed! What a guy to think ahead that far! He also arranged to have her best friend there to videotape. I showed up at the appointed time more nervous than him, I think. I was so excited to be there and I didn't want to miss that special moment! They finally walked out onto the field and I got my camera ready. They tossed the football around for awhile until he finally got her down to the center of the field. After about a minute he dropped down to one knee (this is no easy feat for a 6'108" guy...he's tall). Her reaction was great! She was excited, surprised, crying, and beaming all at once, I loved photographing it! She had no clue she was being photographed or videotaped until he pointed us out. I got some great shots of them on the field together, I love love! Thanks for including me in your special day, Congratulations!

Randall & James

It's time for Randall and James again! I love photographing Randall, he's such a great kid and will do whatever you ask him to. That makes my job pretty easy! James on the other hand had to be bribed with some fruit snacks. He's so cute it doesn't even matter. His little freckles and smile make me laugh! Granny had thought ahead and told both boys if they were extra good they could go to Toys R' Us. Who says bribery is bad?

The B/S Family

I was able to visit Amber and her family at the beginning of June! I got to meet her sister and sister's husband this time. The whole fam was in town for Savannah's graduation and they were nice enough to include me. Amber and I were nice and cozy on an old school blow up mattress in the living room, it doesn't get much better than that! Before I left I took their family photo in the bright, hot, noon sun. I know they were sweaty and hot, but it was worth it! I got a few really great shots of them.

Frida Birthday...Again!

I love Frida Kahlo. I think she was a great artist even though some may view a few of her paintings as somewhat graphic. She experienced a lot of pain in her life and dealt with it by putting it on canvas. I admire and respect her for this. Other than that and really liking the vibrant colors she uses, I'm not sure why I'm so obsessed with Frida.

I had a themed birthday party two years ago that had to do with travel. So, I dressed up like sort of worked for the theme. It definitely worked for shock factor!

Frida has continued to show up since then so I decided to have a Frida themed birthday party this year. We dined at Frida's Mexican Bistro on Cedar Springs (I highly recommend it, try a Frida Rita)! What made this year fun was everyone got their own unibrow. Even the waitresses and the owner of the restaurant wanted one! What a night! Emily and Robyn crafted a red and green cake with Frida and flowers on the top, it was amazing! I don't think I've ever had such a fun birthday. What made it so special were my dear friends and family who were there. Moral of the story: In order to have a really fun party you need props and unibrows seem to do the trick!

Ben is One!

Ben's First Birthday was a good one! He succeeded in keeping his hat on, making some cute faces, blowing out his candle with his big brother's help and getting cake all over his face. The photo where he's slouched in his chair with 'the ben' look on his face could be a 'turning another year older?' card. Haha!