Thursday, August 28, 2008

Art for Sale!

I finally accomplished one step of a major goal of mine. I have photographs hanging on the walls in Arlington's Coffee Haus Downtown (208 Mesquite)! And they're for sale! I am very thankful for this opportunity because this is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I felt excited and rejuvenated as I walked out of the coffee shop, leaving behind eight pieces of my soul. Jay and I went directly to Piranha Sushi in Arlington to celebrate (the best sushi place, by far).

My next step will be to find more venues for my photos. Eventually I would love to have a show of my work in a gallery...that's the final step of my goal. It is always something I have imagined, having an opening for a show of my

Thank you to Thomas Horton of the Coffee Haus. Thomas knows a ton about coffee and buys the beans and then roasts them in the store. His coffee is great because he is passionate about it, stop by and have a cup!

The prints for sale in the Coffee Haus are featured here.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Braeden is 1/2 a year old!

Yesterday I photographed Braeden with the big blue eyes! He did so well, he didn't cry or complain the whole time. He didn't even relieve himself on my blanket/background during his naked shots...that's incredible! Braeden's photo shoot ended differently than most 6 month olds, he fell asleep. Usually they end in crying exhaustion (not me, the baby) which is expected after having a camera in your face for so long.

After Braeden drifted off into sleepy land, Sharmila had a GREAT idea. We covered him in a pile of his stuffed animals until only his face was showing. SO CUTE! This was a great shoot!

4 Month Deanna

A week before the big engagement, I took Deanna's 4 month photos. In the engagement story I talked about how I had worked on some photos alllll day long which led to my extremely relaxed attire. These were the photos I was talking about, it just took me a while to get them posted. I've been lost in the world of wedding planning...whew!

Deanna, her parents, grandparents, uncle and I went to the park near their house to get a few photos of all of them together and a lot of the new and improved Deanna! She has grown so much and has such a sweet smile! It was quite hot and everyone was feeling the heat, but it was worth it because we got some great photos. Thanks to all of you for sweating through it with me!