Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Erin & Daniel

Jay and I drove to Fort Worth last Sunday to photograph Erin and Daniel's engagement pictures. I have been looking forward to this shoot because both are fellow TCU friends who are FINALLY engaged. Erin called before the shoot to warn me that Daniel is a little camera shy...doesn't look like it in these photos! We went all over Sundance Square in downtown Fort Worth to find cool places to photograph them. It's not too hard to make beautiful photos in Fort Worth, everything is pleasing to the eye. Thanks for the fun Sunday evening, I hope you like your photos as much as I do!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dani & Brandon

I finally got to shoot Dani and Brandon's engagement pictures a couple of weeks ago. We have been postponing due to schedule conflicts and life, but it was finally time! We met at TCU for some Horned Frog reminiscing and to use the beautiful campus. Dani and Brandon are mutual friends of mine and met at TCU years ago and dated, but it wasn't until Brandon was on a random camping trip with me and some others that he was convinced (via me making him worry because Dani was a 'non-committed relationship' woman in Vegas that weekend) that he should make it official with Dani. They give me credit for their relationship becoming official which I think is funny because I had not intention of scaring Brandon into it. But, I am glad it worked because Dani really liked him and when they called and told me they were engaged, I was thankful for that weekend camping trip! Long story, I know, but I'm really excited to shoot their wedding in November because of our history!

Oh, and in the last photo you can see my little assistant helping me during the shoot. He's always good for a few laughs!