Monday, December 15, 2008

Dani and Brandon Wed!

Dani and Brandon finally said 'I do' a few weeks ago. We have all been looking forward to this one. It was special watching/photographing two great friends who compliment each other so well unite in marriage. The day was cloudy and cold with a few drizzles (see photo of girls using my light reflector as a cover for Dani), but when it was time for Dani to walk down the aisle, the sun came out! It was a beautiful evening with a perfectly pink sunset. Talk about having faith right up to the crucial moment! The reception was beautiful and everyone enjoyed great food and fun dancing. Congratulations Dani and Brandon!!

Friday, December 05, 2008

'Ol McDonald had a photo shoot...

Ei ei o! Yesterday was cold, but not cold enough to keep Braeden and his parents from venturing out to the Arboretum for some family photos! He was exceptionally smiley which made my job really easy. We got lucky, the Arboretum minions had been raking leaves and left their piles unattended. They were exactly what I was looking for to plop Braeden in for some fall photos in his awesome orange sweater. Get a load of those colorful photos! Then we went on to try to get some family christmas card combos. The DeGolyer Mansion with all the Christmas displayes closed early so we missed that opportunity, but we were able to find some Christmas seasonish stuff that worked. My favorite photo is of Justin's face after he wiped a huge snotty booger off Braeden's face. You gotta do what you gotta do to keep your kid looking top notch!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Beck Wedding in Ennis

I know it has been 3.5 weeks, but I am finally able to put up some photos from the beautiful wedding in Ennis at the Howard home. I love the Howards a lot...a whole lot . And when Carol told me Adam and Amber were getting married at their home I offered my services immediately. What better strategy to be around their family for a whole day! Jay and I went over a week before to help hang lights in the trees, yet another sneaky way to spend a day with the fam. The weather was perfect, the wedding was intimate and I loved getting to watch all of them celebrate this wonderful event! The photos start off with all the family crowded in the kitchen eating and helping with the prep. Then of course there's Michael fixing his holy toilet that blew up on him that morning. After that are all the wedding pics. Isn't Amber beautiful? I hope I look half as good as her on my wedding day! I love you Carol!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Katie is soooo cute!

This is Katie, she's got a big personality and has all of her family wrapped around her tiny little finger. I guess she can add me to the count too. I had so much fun with this family, they are totally laid back and they laugh a lot! Enjoy Katie's photos!!