Thursday, March 12, 2009

Deanna turns one!

Last Sunday Deanna and Andrew celebrated their one-year-old birthdays at Gymboree. I had the honor of photographing the event. It's fun to watch all those little people be stimulated with so many colors, shapes, songs and physical activities. I loved watching their parents react to all of it too! When it was time for cake, I got excited about watching her demolish her piece. To my surprise, she ate her cake like a lady! That was the cleanest one-year-old cake experience I have witnessed. I loved getting to see her and share her birthday, she is still so cute and petit and always has a big smile on her face. I could just pinch her all day!!

William's Debut, He's Two!

So Robin and I finally worked out an afternoon to take William's two-year photos. We were only two months late, not too bad considering we are both pretty busy! As you'll see in the first photo, it took some bribing on Robin's part to make William cooperate, but I got good pictures regardless. I love how he's shoving the chocolate covered raisins into his mouth with his WHOLE hand. It was entertaining to watch! All the flowering trees are in bloom so I made Robin hoist him above her head to get that beautiful tree behind him. I'm sure she was not too thrilled, the kid is heavy, but hopefully she'll think the picture was worth it, I do!