Monday, June 01, 2009

Molly Makes Her Debut!

This is Molly, the first baby to be born into Jay's family since Jay. I can't imagine that with the crazy huge family I come from! We have new babies to play with every year. As you can imagine, the T family is ecstatic! Molly has the cutest profile, just look at it, such a cute little button nose! Molly did really well during her first modeling experience. She eventually got tired of us twisting her into different positions, dressing and undressing her, etc., but Natalie knows a cool trick to help with that. When Molly's crying and can't get comfortable, Natalie turns on the hairdryer and she's instantly soothed. I guess it's the constant noise? We used that trick quite a bit (good thing I had Jay to be the designated hair dryer controller). Molly only had one accident during the shoot and it went right into Daddy's hand which made the clean up easy for me! During naked baby shoots it's not IF, but WHEN will the baby relieve themselves. I'm always interested to see how it plays out. I had so much fun photographing her and her parents during a rainy Saturday morning. Bonus, they treated Jay and me to some homemade brunch after the shoot, which was a treat! Enjoy the photos of cute little Molly!