Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACCA Training Institute 2009

The ACCA (American Contract Compliance Association) Training Institute was a great success! I met so many diverse, interesting people in all kinds of businesses throughout the country. The conference focused an all possible questions or problems pertaining to M/WBE - minority and/or women owned businesses. It was perfect for me to be there popping in and out of the breakout sessions. I learned so much and need to get the ball rolling in becoming my very own certified women owned business! Thanks to everyone who made the long days interesting and educational!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Get 'Em, Frogs!

After the great TCU game last weekend, I had to post some school spirit. I've decided that this is the cheerleading squad for the football games this year, Go Frogs Go!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Will and Colleen: Engaged on High

Over Labor Day my family, minus my sisters, went to Colorado to enjoy the cool weather. Jay and I decided to go last minute which is always fun. This was my third time to be there this summer, kind of ridiculous, I know. But, if it had worked out for you you would have done it too. In addition to the family, William and Colleen had invited Lane and Amber, friends from A&M. My cousin Johnny and two of his friends were also there. It was a good group!

Anyway, the plan was to fish, hike, four wheel, play Mexican Train (a really fun domino game) and conquer Pagosa Peak Sunday. There were eight of us that had hiked it before and three, Jay, Lane and Amber, who had never done this hike/climb before. We set off at 8:45 am up the trail. I neglected to tell Jay what an uphill climb it was for fear he wouldn't want to go. It really is a pretty challenging hike if you don't know what to expect. William and Colleen reached the top in 1.5 hours along with Johnny and Adam. The rest of us made it right at two hours. We took the obligatory photos at the top and each told our stories of getting there. The clouds had started to roll in and we were all basically standing in a cloud at that point.

Dad started rambling about taking Christmas card photos which I thought was random because we all looked pretty 'earthy'. He took a photo of Jay and me and then got Colleen and William together. I had that sneaking sisterly intuition that something big was about to go down and I asked Colleen for her camera so I could get photos of them with hers too. William seemed pretty nervous and wouldn't cooperate in taking a good photo of the two of them. He even proceeded to put Colleen in a head lock...which sounds weird, but is totally something he would do, especially being as nervous a he was. I knew at that point.

Then, to everyone's surprise, William dropped to one knee, pulled out a ring box and asked Colleen to marry him! She of course started crying and said yes. It was a beautiful proposal on top of the mountain at 12,640 ft. with the mountains and valleys of Colorado all around them. The only people in on the secret were mom and dad who had made the climb to watch their son ask Colleen to be his future wife. That being said, everyone was surprised and very excited! I loved being there for such a sweet moment in their lives and can't wait to stand by their side at their wedding. Way to go little brother, the ring is stunning, your future wife is stunning and I couldn't be happier for you!

Another thing that's awesome is I will now be able to call all the cute Dougherty girls my sisters! Yay!