Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mike George

I have had the great opportunity to photograph Mike George at his last three speaking engagements, one of which was in Tyler, TX speaking to the Grassroots America We The People group. He has a great message about the economy and the pickle that we're in right now. Here is an excerpt from his website, "The Strong America Now organization has unique economic insights which provide many of the solutions the country needs. In particular, Mike George, Director of Strong America Now, is the only politically active person who has actually reduced the cost of government by billions of dollars." To read more about Mr. George's mission go to

Caroline & Leo

Last Friday I drove to Glen Rose to photograph my cousin, Caroline with her horse, Leo. She is a high school senior this year and her parents wanted a nice portrait to freeze her in time with her horse who she has spent so much time with over the years.
Friday was an exceptionally windy day, but I wasn't worried because Caroline is absolutely beautiful with the cutest dimples and I knew she would look great no matter what the weather did. Paired with her big, muscular horse she looked even smaller and more petite than she normally does. They truly are a beautiful pair. Caroline was completely comfortable with her horse and made it easy to get him into position for some great photos.

Proof of how windy it was!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Gaggle of Freemans

On the last day of 2009 I drove to Comfort for the Freeman family photo shoot. It was a clear, beautiful day, the only thing working against us was the wind. We drove all over the property to take photos in different areas. My favorite was the creek bed, it was beautiful down there. There's something about the Texas Hill Country that has a sweet spot in my heart, I think it has such a certain beauty. I loved working with the Freemans, I've never had their undivided attention because my brother is usually around. You guys were incredibly patient and cooperative, thanks for the fun last day of 2009!