Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Robert

Isn't he adorable!!! I have been talking to Robert on the computer screen as I've been going through his photos because he's just so cute in all of them! I love his bald buddha head the most. I promise he has hair, it's just invisible because it is sooo blond! Also, please take note of his chubby knees, I got sidetracked pinching them.

I had big plans for this baby shoot and of course had to scale it back a little. Every baby shoot is different, it totally depends on the baby and how long they can handle being poked and prodded. So, with Carrie and Robert, we started with a field trip to Versailles Park to capture the last of the blooming azaleas and after that Robert had had it. So Carrie and I went back to her house and ate some girl scout cookies while we waited for Robert to decide if he was going to actually drift off into a deep sleep or not. He decided to go for it, so we planned to do round two photos a few days later. This is no big deal because when photographing babies, they determine the plan.

Last Monday, we finished up at their home. I loved the chair with the red leaf patter so we had to use that. Then we did the rest of the photos in Robert's room. The best ones were the impromptu prop on the couch. I love it when things just work out! Thanks Carrie and Robert, lets walk soon!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mike George @ Lone Star Tea Party

You know what I did tax day? No, I didn't wait in line at the post office. I was at The Lone Star Tea Party at QuickTrip Park in Grand Prairie where Mike George of Strong American Now was schedule to speak to the crowd. And boy, what a crowd it was. This event drew the largest group QuickTrip Park has ever had. There were quite a few angry republicans, lots of patriotic paraphernalia and of course, Mike George. He once again asked me to be his photographer before, during and after his speaking engagement; which I happily accepted. His message was well received and he was approached by a lot of interested people as he made his way back to the suite. It was fun being part of his entourage and I look forward to the next time!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Easter I photographed four of my many cousins. I think my aunt hired me because she knew it would be painless for me to get a good photo of them simply because I'm not their mother. And she was right. Remember how when it was time to take a family photo, you and your siblings would act as terrible as possible to express your disdain for having to fake smile and listen to your mother? Yeah, I do too. And I take that into consideration when photographing families. I always fear the kids will view me as the torture devise inflicted on them by their mom who can't take another year of their shenanigans. Most of the time that doesn't happen to me, but I've experienced everything in my years of photographing! Back to the cousins. They totally cooperated, but they're also old enough to know I would torture them if they didn't. I'm just saying....
Love you guys!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Deanna is Two!

Remember the baby with the Mickey ears? I have a couple posts featuring her here and here. Well, my loyal clients returned for Deanna's two-year-old session. It was good to see her and I couldn't believe how much she has grown! The whole family revolves around her, but I can't blame them, she can draw you in and then wrap you around her little finger with her smile. She's easy to love because she doesn't stop laughing and you can't help but laugh with her.

We took pictures at SMU where her parents met and her Unk now attends business school. I love photographing in places that have meaning to the photographees. It makes the photos special and puts everyone in a good mood! We had a beautiful, sunny day which was lucky because it was during a week of wind and rain. Whew! Thanks to you guys, it was a very entertaining experience. Hope to see you again soon!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Time for Recruitment Photos!

Recruitment is right around the corner! Your paperwork is due by May 1! Have you taken your photos yet? Call ASAP and I'll get them to you within three days!