Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I miss this furry favorite of mine!

This is Ellie, she's a cuddler.

Robert, again

Carrie had me do a little something special to her favorite photo of baby Robert. Remember the cool chair I had to incorporate into the shoot? Well, she asked if I could put the chair/background into black and white and leave Robert in color. Of course I can! I really liked the outcome as did Carrie. I thought I would post a full color photo, Carrie's request and a black and white. Which do you like best?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CTF Auction Portrait Purchaser!

Last week I got a phone call from Michelle who had purchased a portrait sitting I donated last fall in an auction benefiting Denver Wakin and The Childrens Tumor Foundation. I have known the Wakins since before they were the Wakins! I knew Jason first and then met Katy after she had set her sights on Jason. They are a great pair and Denver is the coolest little kid. I was happy to help them meet their donation goal for CTF.

Anyway, Michelle and her family were the lucky subjects of last Saturday's family photo shoot. I went to their lovely home in Burleson to photograph them in their beautiful backyard with the last wave of wildflowers still in bloom. They were all entertaining and I felt right at home with their shenanigans. I love the candid shots I got of them, if you'll notice, the two I posted are both centered around the baby, Landon. In the third photo the chaos going on is a result of his shoe falling off and in the last photo Landon had just let out the biggest baby burp. Mom has her hand ready for any residual spit up. Pretty funny!

Thanks for such a great Saturday afternoon and for your contribution to CTF and Denver!