Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Isabella Rose

Isabella has arrived and she's early! She was due to make her entrance into the world yesterday, but decided she wanted to surprise her parents and arrived July 22. There are so many people who have been waiting for this baby and were thrilled to learn of her early, but healthy birth! She was TINY, I mean a tiny 4 lbs. 11 oz., 18 inches tiny. And she has a TON of hair. In the hospital she was referred to as either, "the tiny baby" or "the baby with all the hair."

I couldn't wait to get my hands on her and take her newborn photos. I didn't get a chance to photograph her until she was already 8 days old and 5 pounds. But that was okay, she was still tiny!!! Can you see a theme here, tiny? Anyway, she did great during her first photo shoot and loved my strobes, as most babies do. I think they keep them nice and toasty like a hamburger under a warming lamp at McDonalds. This works in my favor since I tend to strip off their clothes and throw their blankets aside. Not something a tiny baby (or their nervous mother) normally enjoys.

We got some cute photos and I'm going to start designing Isabella's baby announcements pretty soon. I guess I should post some of the past baby announcements I have created. I love that part of my 'job'!








The Best Puppy There Ever Was

His name is Simba. He belongs to my cousin. He stayed with us for 24 hours. The best 24 hours ever with a puppy. He only peed inside once, right when he arrived. I think he was marking his new territory. No poop inside, thank goodness. He has a lot of dog toys. His favorites are the squeaky squirrel, the rope and the mini tennis ball. He left his squeaky squirrel. Whoops. Don't worry, I returned it. While he was here I set up my lights and did a mini shoot. It's a surprise for Mary. And because he's cute. Really cute. I miss him. He doesn't like background paper. I think it freaks him out. We tricked him into standing on it. And used a bathmat. And a chair. It was worth it. See below.

Simba's checking out his portrait shoot set up - notice, he's sniffing one of his favorite toys, the squeaky squirrel!

He escaped from the shoot

I love his mini tennis ball!

Look at that face, awwwww



He's had it and this time, I let him go :)

Monday, August 02, 2010

Sage's Model Experience

I met nine-year-old Sage last week while she was staying at her Aunt Jennifer's house. You see, Sage is blessed with a really fun aunt who loves her like crazy. I learned that Sage gets to stay with her aunt for one week every summer. While she's here, Jennifer spends the week entertaining Sage with fun activities, swimming, movies, shopping, etc. What more could a girl ask for?

This is where I get to be included in the fun! Jennifer called a few weeks ago to set up a session for her niece who would be visiting. I thought that was interesting, but came to realize what an awesome idea it was! After arriving, Jennifer told me she had done one previous photo shoot for Sage when she was younger. Now Sage is at an age where she's thinking she may want to be a singer or model so this was a sort of 'test shoot' to see if she could narrow it down. Sage had really thought through her photo shoot and was really excited about it. She had three wardrobe changes and we photographed in a few different locations. I had so much fun making Sage feel glamorous and I got tons of cute photos of her even though it was HOT HOT HOT outside!

Thanks to Sage and Jennifer for a fun shoot and for enduring the heat and the bright, bright sky!