Friday, October 15, 2010

The Bustling Beecherls

Hi cousins, I love you! This is the largest group of cousins in one family that we have on the Beecherl side. I know, I know, there are a lot of them. It's usually total chaos (see photo 3), but we got some good ones out of this shoot. I can't show you the best two since they will be featured in the Crystal Charity Ball Children's Book and on a "We've Moved" card. But, I can share some photos I thought were pretty cute!

They're all looking and smiling at the camera, it's amazing!

I think Anna is giving PBoy some smile coaching in this photo. Irregardless (that's for you, Robert), this is my most favorite kind of photo to take, one where the kids don't even know I'm watching.

Behind the scenes of this shoot. Aren't these kids so "Leave it to Beaver" perfect in this photo!

Cute little Cate, she's a major daddy's girl.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Randall and James and Elizabeth, Oh My!

This is my third year to photograph these cute kids, is that right Sally? And boy have they grown up. James behaved like an angel which was new...not to be doggin' on James, but he was the hardest one to control. One year makes a big difference!

Randall and I had no problem, as usual. He only requires an occasional, "give me a smile," because he is so serious! His nickname around the house is 'the professor,' which I understood after listening to his vast knowledge of black holes in between photo takes. I would definitely lose against him in any kind of knowledge quiz (Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader, for instance).

And Elizabeth, Oh Elizabeth! How cute is she in her glasses? First of all, she has the biggest eyes ever and now wears the cutest little bifocals I have ever seen. She babbled the whole time and it sounded like Japanese, it's hilarious. I think we have some really smart kids on our hands here!

Thanks for another great year of cute little kids!







We be here

Did you think I had disappeared? Me too. Since buying this house, I have had no life other than discussing tile, paint colors and toilets. I've been working...just not posting. I'll have a cute post of Randall, James and Elizabeth later today!